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Awards and Presentations
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Category: Awards and Presentations
Client: Boy Scouts Of America

While the Tempo Frame and a document can be used as an award, just as important is the record of the award presentation.

The photograph of Ron Carrol (Boy Scouts Of America) presenting the "The Silver Beaver Award" to General Colin Powell (Ret.) when framed in a Tempo Frame and mat will keep the moment alive and the Boy Scouts name up front for some time to come.

When giving out awards don't forget that the recipient appreciates having their photo with the president, the dean, or that famous celebrity.

Framed Art
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Category: Framed Art
Client: CCAE

The University of Saskatchewan was hosting a conference for The Canadian Council for The Advancement of Education and was looking for a unique speakers gift.

They selected the work of a local artist and creatively framed the print in a Tempo Frame and mat which was embossed with the logo of CCAE. The gift was warmly received by all of the speakers.

This project illustrates the creative use of matting to create a work of art from an art card. It also uses a frosted gold finish (frosted is available in gold, black, and silver) to achieve the classical look.

Other metal colours in frosted and polished finishes are available on request: ask your Tempo consultant for suggestions.

PEI Hospital
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Category: Donor Recognition
Client: Prince County Hospital Foundation

Prince County Hospital Foundation was looking for a way to recognize the donors to their “Bring Good Health to Life Capital Campaign”. 

Mark, the Managing Director responsible for the project, wanted to incorporate many elements into the recognition device. There was a photograph of the hospital, a thank you certificate for the donor, a special pin or medallion and the Foundation’s Logo and web site. All of these elements had to be incorporated into a recognition device that cost less than $50. 

The project was a very big success. It was done within their budget and was one of the most creative projects we have worked on.

 The Prince County Hospital Project is another example of how Tempo can work with you to come up with a dynamic project, within budget.


Golf Tournment
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Category: Golf Tournament
Client: Crofton House School

One of the most popular fund raising events is the annual golf tournament and one of the most popular souvenirs is the tournament photograph.

Make sure that the participants keep your name in front of them always by framing the tournament photograph in a Tempo Frame imprinted with your corporate name and logo; otherwise it is going to end up in a drawer with all of the other souvenirs.

The Crofton House sample is a 5x6 frame set up for "Polaroid Spectra" (rectangle) and can also be set up for "Polaroid 600" (square). If you are going to use conventional photography (4x6 prints) and have it developed at a one hour photo, you should consider the Tempo 6x8 frame.

Some clients build the cost of the framed photo into the tournament fee while others have been able to have one of their tournament sponsors cover the cost.

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Category: Friends
Client: Friends Café

The "Friends Project" was a very different project!

The restaurant had the Tempo frames made up with their distinctive type style stamped on the mats so that they could provide photo souvenirs for their patrons. It was a very effective way of promoting the name of the restaurant.

We have received permission to use this distinctive logo in other projects such as "Friends" of the University, "Friends" of the Association, and "Friends" of the Alumni. It's a warm and fuzzy way to present your photos.

You can ask your Tempo Consultant to help you to create your own "Friends" Project.

Volunteer Gift
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Category: Volunteer Gift
Client: Georgian Court College

Georgian Court College has many volunteers that they wanted to acknowledge and thank.

They had considered mugs and sweat shirts but felt that that these products had been overdone and were not personal enough. The College has a unique Garden Court and it was decided to feature this in a photograph. The photo was framed in a Tempo frame embossed with the Georgian Court College name and logo and acknowledging the volunteer year. Generally we do not recommend putting in the year as it incurs a die charge and means you cannot use any leftover inventory in future years.

The framed picture of the Garden Court was given out as a gift at a banquet held to thank the volunteers and was a huge success.

Donor Recognition
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Category: Donor Recognition
Client: Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University was looking for a way to recognize major donors with a more personal and cost effective recognition device.

They found their answer in an alumnus who had designed a panoramic camera which was used to take a very unique photograph of the campus. This striking print was framed in a Tempo Frame and Mat in such a way as to enhance the panoramic image.

The university crest and identification is gold foil stamped to one side of the mat to allow for a personalized metal plate identifying the donor to be placed on the opposite side.

This project has been one of the most outstanding projects and it is our understanding that the framed image is so popular that it will become a sale item once it has completed its tenure as a recognition device.

Celebrity Dinner

Category: Celebrity Dinner
Client: Northern Illinois University

Joan Allen, the academy award nominated actress, was honored at a $150 a plate dinner by her alumni association.

All of the guests had their photograph taken with Joan before the dinner and were presented with a framed, autographed copy (Joan had signed all of the mats previously) of the photograph before they left the dinner.

The project illustrates the use of other than an "Official Colour" as the mat colour had to be light enough to autograph. Also this projects shows how much time, cost and frustration can be saved by completing the project on the spot (one hour photo processing and instant framing).

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Category: Achievement
Client: Peachtree Marketing

Peachtree Marketing wanted to create an award to recognize their "Salesperson of the Year" but did not have the resources to create their own award.

They found the answer in a company called "Paper Direct" which sells preprinted awards that can be customized by using your own personal computer. The awards were framed in a Tempo frame with a customized double mat to give the award more prominence.

Peachtree decided a few years ago to upgrade the award by framing them in the new "Diplomat" wood frames instead of metal - a growing trend.

So now with companies such as "Paper Direct" it makes it very easy and effective to recognize special donations and achievements.

Pet Appreciation
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Category: Pet Appreciation
Client: Fund for Animals

"The Best Cat Ever" is a good example of alternative uses in that it illustrates the variety of imprints and colors that can be employed. Rather than standard gold, alternative frame and stamping colors can be black, silver or bronze. This particular project was used as a fundraiser as "Best Cat" and "Best Dog" frames were sold to pet owners with the proceeds going to the Fund for Animals.

Talk to your Tempo consultant for ideas on how you can differentiate your next framing project with alternative colors and presentations.

Parent Recognition
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Category: Parent Recognition
Client: RCMP

The RCMP project is truly unique in that it is purchased for the parents by the graduates.

What a nice surprise!

This project is also an example of a frame with a unique "Air Mat" which creates a space in which to mount the RCMP pewter crest and creates a shadow box effect for the document.

The Air Mat in this particular project has also been stamped with their logo.

RCMP Horse
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RCMP Chapel

Category: Other than Diplomas
Client: RCMP

Clients often ask us what other products they can market to their specific audience. In the case of the RCMP, the horse and dog are an integral part of an officer's life. The client has framed art that depicts the horse and dog interacting with the officier and these framed prints are sold to the graduating officiers (not all of the examples are in circulation yet). Pins and medallions are incorporated into the art to give the project more meaning and value.


The chapel is also well known on the campus and a framed art card by a local artist is incorporated with a RCMP medallion to make a stunning presentation.


Take a look around your institution and we are sure you will find many items that can be incorporated into a product that represents sentimental and financial value.

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Category: Appreciation
Client: The Salvation Army (Canada)

The Salvation Army in Canada was looking for frames and mats to frame their awards and certificate of appreciation.

Tempo Framing came up with specific frame and mat combinations that could be ordered by regional units of the army.

If you are a large organization and give out numerous awards and documents it is wise to try and limit the document sizes and have Tempo create Frame and Mat packages that will give your organization a consistent look.

Your Tempo Consultant would be very happy to give you some suggestions and make you no charge samples with no obligation,

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